Monday, 21 May 2012

UK Horse Racings Free Tips for the 21st of May

Today's AutoBOT generated Free Horse Racing bets are below.

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If I put (TRADE) next to any LAY bets then it means there is the potential to make money by a fluctuating market by putting a lay bet on at a low price and a win bet on at a higher price and either getting a free win bet if the horse loses (make or lose no money) or split the difference in price and make a profit whatever happens.

If you have the money in the bank then this is a good way of making money from high priced WIN bets in the morning as a large majority will have a much lower LAY price come racetime.

My AutoBOT system records the prices on Betfair constantly and sets prices to LAY and BACK to make a profit whatever the outcome of the race. At the moment my AutoBOT system is not for sale but I am considering a way of making it available for people to use.


Avonlini - Wolverhampton - 15:30Betfair

If you are not on Betfair yet then make sure to sign up and make use of the free £25 bet you are entitled to by using this referal code LWFMEX4UJ.
Remember - put the full £25 on the first bet and if you lose you will be refunded. This catches a lot of people out due to the small print and the aim is to refund your £25 if you lose your first bet NOT give you £25 in your account to spend as you want.

Remember I also have another racing blog that shows free horse racing tips each day between 11am and 1pm over at:

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